What is betabrain?

The concept of betabrain was developed in 2011 as an event to strengthen critical thinking and to provide team building skills in science, technology, engineering and mathematics through the use of hands-on problem-solving. The betabrain program seeks to improve students’ understanding of the value of STEM studies and encourages them to consider future careers in science, engineering, and technology. The organizers of betabrain are committed to supporting the next generation of scientists, engineers, and business leaders by providing collaborative team-building experiences through engaging learning opportunities.

Started as a community engagement presentation to classmates within a superintendent’s cohort, the vision of betabrain as an opportunity for teachers across disciplines to collaboratively provide fun, challenging, and engaging experiences around problem solving began.  Through a partnership with EnLiST, a program focused on building science leaders through professional development at the University of Illinois, the project gathered steam and through the dedicated work of junior high and high school science teachers within Unit 5, the betabrain challenge day reached hundreds of students in the first year. The event continues to be a highlighted day for students, educators, and dedicated sponsors within McLean County Unit District #5, with the 2016 event marking the 5th annual betabrain day of learning!

The future is very bright for betabrain.  Problem solving research is now being proposed at a field site within the Midwest and the results of the research will be presented along with other problem solving resources. The website has been updated and will allow for increased traffic and learning modules are being created that will provide content to students through the betbrain learning environment.  You can get there by clicking learning in the navigation menu or by clicking here.

We are excited that you are interested in betabrain learning and we hope that you never stop testing your next version!  If you have any questions, please email info@betabrain.org.