Parental Notification of Research Projects

Is your student participating in a betabrain research project?  If so, we appreciate you and your interest in learning more about betabrain research!  First and foremost, educational research is heavily safeguarded with many requirements necessary to protect the child’s identity, privacy, and exclusion from harmful treatments.  Student (Assent) and Parent (Consent) forms are required for any and all research projects.  Student participation within a research study is optional and they may withdrawal from the study at any time with no impact to their grade or participation status within the learning environment, challenge, or competition.

Our educational research centers on student development of problem solving experiences, student engagement, assessment, and knowledge acquisition within the collective and integrated application of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM).

Through increased knowledge and understanding of problem solving, researchers can provide valuable adjustments and improvements to curricular development, instructional strategies, assessment techniques, and K – 12 professional development.